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The Hot Tub Life! A Monsoon Special..

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If you are needing a good excuse….I mean reason…to get off the couch – jump into a hot tub! If you haven’t experienced the hot tub life, here are a few reasons why they are so fantastic…and much better for your overall health than lounging on the couch!

Get some fresh air & relax

It is super important for everyone to get fresh air each and every day, however the monsoons make it a bit challenging. No one really wants to go take a walk outside during the rains to get some fresh air, so a hot tub is a fantastic way to stay warm, relax your muscles and get some fresh air all at the same time! Fresh air can actually boost your immune system and energize your body in addition to relieving some much needed stress! Just breathe!

Get the blood pumping

Hot water therapy will automatically get your blood pumping and circulating, which is super important for our overall health. Circulating blood is one of the most important functions of your body and helps to supply oxygen to the brain and other organs. Poor circulation is usually contributed to a disease/illness or the lack of movement (hint hint…you’ve got to get off the couch!) The hot water alone will increase your body temperature, making your body kick it up a notch when it comes to how quick your blood circulates. It is important to get your chest above the water level for short periods of time after soaking in the hot tub for awhile, in order to cool you off and slow down your heart rate & blood circulation pattern. This alone is one of the main reasons why after soaking in your hot tub at night, you will drift off to sleep much easier and stay asleep longer!

Low impact exercise

Hot tubs are a fantastic place to get a low impact exercise in without hustling off to the gym! If you are unable to walk/run on the treadmill or do weightlifting at the gym, a hot tub is a great option to be able to do water aerobics that are very low impact on your joints. You are more weightless in the hot tub, which allows you the ability to move joints and ligaments more free. Don’t use the excuse that you are unable to exercise again – it’s for your own health! Jump into a hot tub!

Massage those muscles

Maybe the best part – the massage! Not only does it feel ahhhhhmazing, but massaging those muscles will relieve stress, promote good circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, and will promote better sleep. There’s no need for those costly massage parlour visits anymore because you can get the same benefits AND just from a hot soak. No scheduling appointments; just jump in when you want! If you haven’t enjoyed the relaxing benefits from hot water therapy in a hot tub, you are seriously missing out. 

Happier & Healthier you

As you can see, the benefits of jumping off the couch and relaxing in a hot tub are numerous. Hot tubbing is a lifestyle change – just like choosing to eat healthy. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be so hard either, especially with a hot tub! 

P.S: Sprinkle some aroma Bath Salts to flush away the negativity. Add more spark by lighting some aroma candles...

Have a great Weekend!

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