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But Naturally!

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Move over chemically charged creams and packs (you know who you are!) - the latest buzzword in skin care regime is all about going green!

The era of artificial is officially over! According to recent trends, the rule of chemically laden intakes is seeing a fall in popularity. Instead, the focus is on going back to the basics, with renewed emphasis on food, beauty and lifestyle. The instant gratification afforded by synthetic products has taken a backseat to long-term benefits from natural ingredients.

A Touch of Goodness

This shift is for obvious reasons – harmful side effects that chemicals have shown, such as increase in episodes of cancer and various new diseases like chikungunya and dengue that were unheard of earlier, are a major cause of concern these days. For instance its now common knowledge that skin cancer is not only caused by harmful UV rays but also due to side effects of chemicals put in cosmetic products which penetrate into the hair and skin mutating cells over the years, eventually bringing harm to the body. It seems logical to assume that organic ingredients would naturally be healthier for your skin and body than their chemical counterparts. In fact, they are harder to preserve against microbial contamination and growth than synthetic raw materials. Chemical ingredients are laden with toxic substances, the complexities of which are yet unknown. What we do know is that toxins are not good for us.

The Commerce of Purity

The business sector has also seen a marked shift in consumer priorities. With the new-age buyer being educated, well travelled, and with disposable income the demand for qualitative rather then quantitative is on the rise. In the beauty industry itself, the demand for ayurveda, herbal and natural cosmetics are tremendous. Although more expensive to produce then their chemical counterparts, a surge in spending power gives the industry freedom to explore this avenue. Their benefits were always well known but it’s only in recent times that the beauty industry has begun tapping them on a large scale. That does not imply the consumer is willing to settle for remedies from your granny’s kitchen. Instead they want nothing less than visually appealing, feel-good products but with touch of organic goodness. Unlike their chemical counterparts that have a shelf life of 24 to 36 months, these products only last up to 12-18 months. For the industry itself, this means catering to complex needs with natural remedies that overshadow their short shelf life. But benefits of natural products, have ensured the balance is always tipped in their favour, with eco-friendly practices like Vegan-Against Animal cruelty, e-billing, recyclable packaging, eco-friendly carry bags, a willingness to donate part of the total towards planting sapling and trees – sustainability is top priority! Consequently this has also urged corporate’s to take up social concerns, starting from the production stage, going up to manufacturing and even infiltrating the management level. In fact CSR is now an integral part of an organisation’s HR module.

Stop, Think

Before splurging on natural products, one has to be careful about their authenticity. It is important to find what out what goes inside, because the best natural products for skin care not only contain potent active ingredients, they also contain high concentrations of all ingredients in order to produce results. It is also vital to read the back carefully, and always do a patch test to see if the ingredients suit your skin type or not. Another thing to avoid are artificial colours, flavours, fragrances and preservatives. Make sure that necessary tests and clinical trials are conducted to assure the quality and effectiveness of products. 

In Retrospect

Mother Nature has always blessed us with wholesome goodness, selflessly nurturing our innumerable needs. And in return all we have done is exploited her, slowly turning her into a barren land, constantly at war with global warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, and a pollution level that quickly threatens to block out the sky. Now is the time for action! As conscious citizens we need to contribute in our own little way towards restoring earth to its lost glory. On a larger scale we need to promote saving water, conserving energy and encouraging preservative free crop farming amongst other things. At an individual level we can start with saving water in our homes, turning off lights when we leave the room, promoting the use of electronics which emit less of CFC’s, consume organically grown produce, use natural cosmetics, recycle paper and stationery, switch plastic with bio-degradable products, promote public transport -the list can go on! In conclusion, the mantra for new-age living is rather simple – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

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