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7 Amazing facts about wine for every woman.

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The feeling of wine tantalizing the taste buds melts away every other sense. The right varieties can enhance the flavors from your food and help you enjoy your meal better just like brandy cognac. Each variety red, white or sparkling has its own miraculous benefits on our body. Some facts about wine here will definitely impress all the women out there who can now enjoy an extra glass guilt free.

1. It can help you fight against ageing skin.

Add a glass of wine to your beauty regime along with anti-ageing creams because a glass of wine could actually help you fight ageing signs better. Red wine contains tannin, flavonoids, resveratrol and all these combines to restore collagen and increase the elasticity of the skin. Regular consumption of red wine can help you bid goodbye to age spots, saggy skin as well as wrinkles. The antioxidant-rich Champagne could also be great for your skin that prevents against damage.

 2. It could get you closer to your dream waistline.

Staying in good shape is important but having to cut down too much from your plate is painful. But white wine is a tasty and efficient solution to weight loss. The antioxidants quercetin, resveratrol, epicatechin etc, will help you shed the extra weight when consumed between one to two glasses a day. Champagne can also be a great drink with low calories that one can enjoy.

3. It can get you gorgeous hair.

We all love to have thick, luscious and shiny hair that can be tied into various styles. While various products in the market may claim to give you such results, wine could be the perfect natural companion to get fabulous looking hair. Washing your hair with red wine as a final rinse after conditioning can add luster to your hair. Wine can also be beneficial in curbing hair loss by eliminating the clogged roots in the scalp and reduce dandruff by improving blood circulation.

4. It can help you sleep better

If you are suffering from insomnia or having a hard time enjoying a good sleep then wine might be the right drink for you. A glass of red wine will reduce your body temperature and releases certain hormones that will drift you into a good night sleep. White wine is said to be more effective than red wine in this case as darker wines might take more energy from your body. A glass an hour or two before bed can be very beneficial and help you sleep better. Our Red Wine Sleeping Face Gel is inspired by this! 

5. It could treat and protect you against breast cancer.

With wine on your side the chances of winning the battle against breast cancer just increased. Alcohol has been often linked to increased risks of cancer although a glass of wine could actually be beneficial to better health. Women consuming red or white wine on a regular basis have higher concentrations of aromatase that have been widely used to treat breast cancer and red wine is particularly beneficial as the grape skin contains the chemical.

 6. It can increase bone density.

Women, especially above 35, suffer from brittle and fragile bones which may cause problems such as severe pain,Increasing the intake of calcium through milk is a possible solution but if you are lactose intolerant then red wine is a great way to enhance the bone density in a more relaxing way. The high amount of silicon present in red wine will help prevent osteoporosis and can also help you sleep well at night.

7. It can protect your heart.

A glass of white wine consumed regularly can be just as good for your heart as red wine. The grape pulp, as well as skin, are both rich in antioxidants and various nutrients which are very effective in enhancing heart health. The phytochemicals are responsible for increasing good cholesterol in the body and the antioxidants form a protective lining in the coronary arteries.

 The enchanting flavors and varieties can be mesmerising so stick to a glass and enjoy a healthy life.


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