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ORANGE EYE PILLOW (125gm)(Mfg: 04/2018 & Expy: 09/2019)


ORANGE EYE PILLOW (125gm)(Mfg: 04/2018 & Expy: 09/2019)

Rs. 298.00 Rs. 595.00

Rest those tired eyes with our sweet and tangy Orange Eye Pillow. It's Anti depressant ability reduces stress, anxiety and soothes headache creating inner peace and freshness of the mind. For cooling relief, chill in refrigerator (in the cover provided) for one hour or put in the freezer for 10 minutes. Remove and gently place pillow over the eyes for a tranquil experience. Store it in the refrigerator to preserve aroma and longevity.

Key Ingredients: Flax Seeds & Orange Oil.

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