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"I AM" a Woman and that's my Superpower  #BeautyWishBox

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"I AM" a Woman and that's my Superpower #BeautyWishBox

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Hello Super Women,

Let’s face it. When it’s that time of the month, you don’t feel sparkling and pretty. I know we don’t.

All we want to do is curl up in your favourite chair in our pajamas and read a book or mess around on social media. We don’t want anyone to talk to us, we don’t want anyone to bother us or ask for anything. We just want to be left alone to wallow. But wallowing soon becomes sleeping. Inevitably, someone wants something, and we get irritable. It’s not a pretty sight. It took a while, but you began to realize that curling up in isolation doesn’t help us at all. So Here comes our "I AM" a Woman and that's my Superpower #BeautyWishBox which will not only pamper you but will make your periods happy & Pain-free making you look good and  confident in that strenuous time of the month.



Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage Balm 50 ml worth Rs.275/-

Natural Healing Liquid Balm 3ml Worth Rs. 165/-

Pink Lotus nourishing face gel-cream 25 ml worth Rs.550/-

**BEST SELLER** Red Wine Sleeping Face Gel 25ml Worth Rs. 600/-

 Watermelon Body Splash worth 30ml worth Rs.225/- 





Our Cute Mini Hot Water Bag worth Rs. 150/- will give you relief from painful cramps & is completely travel-friendly.


Get these products in in Spring-feel Netted Pouch worth Rs. 150/-

Get all 6 Products worth Rs.2090/++ for Rs. 695/- only.


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